1. Purchase access (follow the link)
  2. Your access instructions and code will be emailed before the performance.
    The virtual stage opens 30 minutes prior to the concert.
  3. And enjoy!! The concert will be available for one week to view as many times as you like.

Share with Us! Please share photos of you enjoying the stream! We’d love to see if you get dressed up or enjoy the show with dinner from one of our fabulous local restaurants. If you post to social media, give us a tag!



Internet Connection

The South Bend Symphony Orchestra cannot control individual Internet connections.

Signs of a slow connection:

  • Your video is buffering.
  • Your video is choppy.
  • Your video is constantly loading.
  • Your video constantly freezes.

If this happens, try refreshing the page and checking your Internet speed. If you’re able to watch videos on services such as, Netflix or Hulu, you should be able to watch our virtual events.

Restricted Access
Only one device at a time can use the link and access code you purchased.
Please do not share the email or your ticket link/code with anyone else. If someone else tries to use your link or access code, the feature will remove your access.

The South Bend Symphony Orchestra cannot control audio equipment or Internet connection quality for individuals.
We have taken every precaution possible to provide a high quality outgoing feed, but have no way of controlling what individual devices or Internet connections may do to the video/audio quality. We recommend testing out your planned system in advance of the concert so you can make adjustments accordingly. There are many “practice Livestreams” available that you can use for these tests – but typically, if you can stream Netflix and Hulu, you should be able to stream the South Bend Symphony Orchestra!