Symphony-to-Go: Bringing the Music to You

Want to experience classical music and connect with accomplished professional musicians? The South Bend Symphony Orchestra takes the music out of the concert hall and into the regional communities. The Symphony has three small ensembles that provide entertaining, engaging, and educational programs. From schools to retirement communities, libraries to civic organizations, our musicians will perform one of their customized programs just for you!

Each Symphony-to-Go performance will take place during the days before the weekend of a Symphony concert and are free of charge for non-profit organizations. Some dates may become unavailable if there are changes to the rehearsal schedule later in the season.

Please note: Performances are booked based on availability, and requests must be made 60 days before your event date.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Symphony-to-Go Program brings the music to you! The program offers three different small ensembles that perform around the Michiana area. Symphony-to-Go ensembles can also provide workshops and masterclasses for area music programs.

Each group has several different programs depending on the audience’s age or the performance’s location. Our Symphony-to-Go ensembles are always glad to answer questions from the audience. When performing for younger audiences, the ensembles introduce each instrument and discuss the music.

• String Quintet: Two violins, viola, cello, and bass

• Wind Quintet: Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and F horn

• Brass Quintet: Two trumpets, trombone, F horn, and tuba

Symphony-to-Go ensembles perform for various groups in the Michiana area, such as schools, early childhood programs, civic organizations, senior living facilities, libraries, and other non-profit organizations.

To reserve a performance or workshop, please email with the following information:

1. Date and time of the performance

2. The name of the organization

3. The location where the ensemble will be performing

4. Name and contact information

5. A brief description of the audience (early childhood, adults, seniors)

Please note: All requests must be made 60 days before the requested date of the performance or workshop.

What if I want to reserve an ensemble for a date that is not listed?

The Symphony-to-Go performances traditionally occur during the days before the weekend of a Symphony concert. However, there are occasional dates that become available throughout the Season. Please contact us with your dates and details request at


Organizations hosting a Symphony-to-Go ensemble will need to provide:

  • Chairs, without arms, for each member of the ensemble
  • Enough light to read music
  • A microphone, if the audience requires one
  • The musicians will bring their own music stands.

Each Symphony-to-Go performance will take place during the days before the weekend of an SBSO concert and would like to encourage concert attendance! In order to provide our community with entertainment at no cost, we would like to continue to reach out to a larger audience. You can assist us by promoting the upcoming South Bend Symphony Orchestra concert. We would be happy to provide you with promotional materials.

For senior and adult audience members, we would like to ask for contact information so we can provide them with information about upcoming South Bend Symphony Orchestra concerts and events.

In order to provide the Symphony-to-Go program available to the community, all venues will be required to provide an accurate attendance record for the performance. This information will be used for grant writing and funding purposes.


For additional information, please contact:
Phone: 574-232-6343

Shein Family Young People’s Discovery Concerts

For 40 years, the South Bend Symphony has introduced thousands of area elementary school students to symphonic music in an exciting and engaging concert designed especially for them! These interactive concerts are guided from the stage and have a different educational theme each year.

This Series is sponsored by





Support provided in part by Stanley A. and Flora P. Clark Memorial Community Trust Foundation, Elnora Hartman Stickley Scholarship Fund, and Muessel Ellison Memorial Trust.

Octet is a proof of concept. Originally a response to the global pandemic, the result transcends this period. The idea is this: eight musicians record as a small, socially distanced ensemble. After a sound engineer channels each musician through a unique speaker, the system is set in a large circle, allowing listeners the freedom to explore each instrumentalist’s part or stand centrally in the space and experience the musical blend. The project employed Symphony musicians during a time of severely limited work opportunities, and the high-fidelity speakers and immersive soundscape offer patrons a completely new perspective on music.

“Not only is this one solution to music-making during a pandemic, but we can take the system – which is small enough to be portable – into schools, libraries, hospitals, etc. It works as an amazing education and community engagement tool as well,” said Halle McGuire, project lead for the Symphony.

Through the support of the Lippert Cares Community Impact Grant, the South Bend Symphony Orchestra is currently exploring the music therapy applications of Octet. Substantial research demonstrates the positive effects music has on mental health. As a result, we are bringing Octet into schools, libraries, and healthcare settings to promote the mental well-being of students K-12, bringing the calming effects of Classical music out of the concert hall. If you would like to bring Octet to your organization, please contact


Local Composers Collection 

Eli Kahn – The Life Cycle of Grass 

Jorge Muñiz – Voiliers  

Carmen Téllez – A Dance for Seurat (Read by Nancy Menk) 

Jessica T. Carter – Shadows  

Zae Munn – Ceasefire  

John Liberatore – Que Seurat Sera 

Marjorie M. Rusche – The Gamboling Girl 


African American Composers Collection 

William Grant Still – Danzas de Panama 

William Grant Still – Miniatures for Woodwind Quintet 

  1. I Ride an Old Pain (U.S.A.) 
  1. Yaravi (Peru)

Jimi Hendrix, arr. Naughtin – Purple Haze