The South Bend Symphony Orchestra, a cornerstone of the artistic landscape of Northern Indiana, proudly announces its advancement from Group 5 to Group 4 in the national orchestra categorization based on budget size.

This notable advancement reflects the South Bend Symphony Orchestra’s dedication to artistic excellence and community service, signifying a substantial increase in both operating and artistic budgets. As a result of surpassing the threshold of $2,150,000 in operating expenses and $720,000 in artistic expenses, the Symphony joins a new peer group among American orchestras—a testament to the support from our community and the success of recent initiatives.

“Our ascent to Group 4 is more than a numerical shift—it is a recognition of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra’s resilience, the unwavering commitment of our patrons, and the innovative vision that propels our mission,” states Alastair Willis, Music Director of the South Bend Symphony.

The Symphony’s growth allows for enriched programming, expanded community engagement, and a broader platform for our artists. “We see this as an opportunity to enhance the quality of our performances, extend our education and community engagement initiatives, and further embrace the diverse tapestry of our audience,” shares Justus Zimmerman, Executive Director.

The South Bend Symphony Orchestra is a cultural beacon in the community, with the move to Group 4 reflecting the organization’s financial stability and growth potential. As the Symphony embarks on this exciting new chapter, it extends gratitude to its patrons, sponsors, and the entire South Bend community.

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